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6.1. Person - Definition

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6.1.0.  Person definition

A Commonwealth person is a person who created or accumulated records during their association with the Commonwealth but whose records were not maintained in the recordkeeping systems of the associated agencies. Usually a person will not be registered unless they have transferred personal records to the custody of the National Archives of Australia or the Australian War Memorial, or have received approval to do so. A personal records collection and individual series within it may contain both Commonwealth and private records - see the Personal Records Manual for further information.

Within the CRS System, the person registration performs a role similar to the agency registration. The person registration provides a very brief biography of that individual, but the major aim is to provide a context for the person's records. The person registration should allow staff and users to establish any relationships between series of 'personal' records (recorded by Commonwealth persons) and 'official' records (recorded by Commonwealth agencies) with which the person had an association.

The person registration provides a means of assembling information from a variety of sources so that it can be presented in a concise format to users. This is particularly useful when the person was not publicly prominent or widely known. If information about the person is readily available in published sources, only a brief outline of the person's career should be included.

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