CRS Manual - Item depth of description

The broad description of items is achieved through their relevant series-level descriptions which, in turn, are linked to documentation for agencies, organisations and persons. Therefore, except for control number references, information given in organisation, agency, person and series registrations and consignment records should not normally be repeated at item level. 

Attributes for items

Each item consists of several attributes. You must choose the attributes and amount of information which are appropriate for the item being described. Information does not need to be included in every attribute. However, some are mandatory to establish a registration.

The attributes have been categorised according to the role they play in the registration and description process. Four broad categories of relative importance have been established.

Category 1 Must be present for all registrations
Category 2 Must be present where applicable, to provide essential context or facilitate management
Category 3 Should be completed where applicable, to provide additional context
Category 4 Should be completed for significant registrations; may be completed in other cases

The requirements for the following elements are set out in this document:

Identification and descriptive elements Relative importance
Series number1
Control symbol1
Contents date range1
Accumulation start date2
Alternative series number2
Alternative control symbol2
Copy item2
Availability/ visibility indicator 2
Aggregate item 2
Constituent item 2
Keyword headings4
Descriptive note4
Archivist note2
Disposal status1
Disposal class number 2
Located in 1
Medium note4
Duplication quantity 4
Non-Commonwealth ownership2
Bar code number1
Parent item barcode number 1
Date item registered1
Last modified by1
Date last modified1
Location other than Archives4
Copy exists (not in Archives)4
Destruction due date2

These attributes cover the general requirements of the intellectual control of items in Archives custody, as well as those attributes required for items being transferred to the Archives.

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