CRS Manual - Registration date

Registration date


The registration date is the date on which the description of an entity of the CRS System was captured into RecordSearch. This applies to provenance, series and items.


The purpose of this field is to record the date on which the registration form of an entity was captured into RecordSearch. The information could have been entered manually or lodged electronically from agency recordkeeping systems. The date is used for reference and management purposes. It cannot be amended once saved against the registration record.

Relative importance

This is a mandatory field (category 1).

Sources of information

The registration date is allocated by RecordSearch when the registration form is saved.

Standards for content

This date displays in  the form DD Mon YYYY, or as 23 Feb 1999.


This attribute cannot be amended. The attribute Date Last Modified records the date of the most recent revision to the item description.

Application notes

There is no manual intervention in the allocation of this date.

Relationship to ISAD(G):